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Ant Video Downloader 4.3 Full Here Portable




The Segment Merge functionality allows you to combine and synchronize two segments seamlessly into one, simply by clicking the “Add” button and selecting files from the browser. The Firefox Addon SimpleSeg allows downloading/saving, running (playing) and queuing/listening of streaming video segments. The extension is available for all current Firefox versions as well as other browsers for Windows and Mac. Download: SimpleSeg for Firefox 8. VLC – VideoLAN VLC is one of the most popular multimedia players that runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and other operating systems. VLC is cross-platform, which means it’s available on all those OS mentioned above as well as Android and iOS. Download: VLC for Windows 9. VLC Media Player VLC Media Player is an open-source, cross-platform media player which plays various media formats, supports subtitles and offers an easy-to-use interface. Download: VLC Media Player for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X 10. Flvto Flvto is a Firefox Addon which allows you to play videos from various sources and get subtitles and other information about them. Download: Flvto 11. Juice Player Juice Player is another open source media player for Firefox which supports video, audio, photos, images, lyrics and subtitles. Its main goal is to give a good functionality to every Firefox user who is interested in media, in particular, video and audio. Download: Juice Player 12. OpenSubtitles OpenSubtitles is a simple subtitle search engine that allows to find subtitles for movies on the Internet. Download: OpenSubtitles 13. Zedge Zedge is a powerful web browser extension for Firefox and Chrome that allows you to watch movies online in full HD quality. Download: Zedge 14. YouTube Downloader – VideoDownload VideoDownload is a Firefox browser extension that allows you to download online videos in any format. It’s a perfect tool for downloading YouTube videos. Download: VideoDownload for Firefox 15. Woof Woof allows to download torrents and movies from the official sources such as: YouTube, Amazon and TV-Torrents. Download: Woof for Firefox 16. Ciro Player Ciro Player allows to play, watch



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Ant Video Downloader 4.3 Full Here Portable

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